What I’ve been up to of late.

My blog has gone silent of late and I figured with the pi day celebrations now behind us, and the Beefy Miracle wiener roast still several weeks off that I’d give an update.
Around a month ago I accepted a job as the Community Manager for Cloud.com‘s open source project CloudStack, which is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud management application. Since them I’ve been working to try and ensure that we are working towards doing things the open source way. A lot of that has been setting up scaffolding like IRC channels (#cloudstack on irc.freenode.net) and mailing lists. Other things have been dabbling in documentation, QA, and release engineering-related tasks for an upcoming release. (Did I mention a lot of hats were included with this job) Things are a bit nascent at the moment, and there’s still a long way to go, but keep watching to see things continue to improve.
So today is the first release I’ve been present for, and I am excited about it. Multi-hypervisor, high-availability, multi-tenant compute cloud that’s GPLv3. CloudStack is actually a relatively mature project from a software standpoint, it’s been under development for 3 years, though only recently open sourced. It’s also appears to be widely adopted, including some recent adoptions by Tata Communications and Logicworks.


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