POSScon, Indiana Linux Fest, Texas Linux Fest, oh my.

I just realized that I’ll be travelling a lot in the next few weeks.

First up is POSScon, which is March 23-25. They’ve been conned into letting me speak again this year (and I am speaking on Thursday afternoon for those of you who wish to avoid it 🙂 ). It should be a good time, if you are in the Carolinas or Georgia, it’s relatively easy to get to and you should check it out.

I have to leave POSScon essentially after I get done speaking on Thursday (and miss the last day of that conference) to head to Indianapolis for the the Indiana Linux Fest the 25-27th. On the ‘pre-conference’ day there’s Build An Open Source Cloud Day which will be featuring, I *think*,  Puppet Labs, CloudStack, OpenStack, DynDNS and Arista Networks (they have this really cool Linux-managed network switch, and the switch runs Fedora incidentally, which delights me to no end, I am desperately trying to figure out a justification for replacing my Cisco 2948G with one of their 10Ge switches so I can put a ‘powered by Fedora’ sticker on it). I likewise have conned the ILF organizers into letting me speak on Saturday, and am really excited about this first year conference that seems to be very well organized.

I’ll then fly home to do laundry and repack and it’ll be time to head out to Austin for the Texas Linux Fest where I get to speak again. My wife, who grew up in Texas, has been looking forward to this event all year (and was upset she didn’t get to attend last year) so she can have beef brisket and TexMex. There will be Build An Open Source Cloud Day there as well, with Gluster joining the lineup from Indiana.


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