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Elections: Notice of change in voting period and correction of eligibility in the Board election.


Hi folks,

Wanted to make you aware of a situation that was discovered last night and responded to this morning.

A number of people caught an issue in the eligibility configuration for voters in the Board Election. Per the Board’s Succession Planning[1] document this election is open to any person in the Fedora Accounts System who has completed the CLA. I mistakenly configured this election for CLA+1 which means that in addition to completing the CLA a person would have to be a member of an additional group. Members of the infrastructure team noted this and created a ticket in the Board’s trac system late last night (no link as it’s not visible to non-board members). That mis-configuration has now been corrected, and to ensure that we have not unduly disenfranchised any potential voters, the Board election period only has been extended by 24 hours from 08 June 23:59:59 to 09 June 23:59:59. Please note that the election period for the FESCo election remains unchanged.

I apologize for mis-configuring the election app, and thank the vigilant members of our community and infrastructure team who caught the issue so early in the process and helped to correct the problem in a timely manner.



David Nalley