Fedora Bi-Arch, Multi-Desktop LiveDVD

I am writing this post while sitting at the Cloudstack booth at the Southeast LinuxFest. Immediately prior to SELF our demo hardware (an Apple iMac) was at a show in New York, and the Fedora 14 LiveCD I normally run to demo CloudStack’s UI appeared to be missing. The contributors manning the Fedora booth at at SELF had arranged to get the brand new, hot off the press, Fedora 15 media delivered just in time for the expo floor to open on Saturday morning, and were able to deliver a Bi-arch (x86/x86_64) Multi-desktop (Gnome, KDE, LXDE, XFCE) Live DVD for me to boot the machine. This caught me somewhat by surprise as I knew that Cristoph’s original vision was being enhanced and transitioned into Python. Spot, stopped by to check on progress (did it properly detect the architecture, did it boot properly, etc.) and told me that he finished the python script to generate the DVD just in time. A number of Fedora contributors including the inimitable Paul Frields gathered around the iMac to witness the awesomeness that is the Fedora 15 Multi Desktop Live DVD.

Kudos to Christoph Wickert and others who came up with and worked on the initial vision for this and got something working, and Tom Callaway and the other RelEng guys who refined and brought it to fruition. It’s awesome, and it does wonders for showing off some of the diversity that is important to Fedora.


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