More F/LOSSy goodness from CloudStack

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on my personal blog. $dayjob has been keeping me pretty busy, though it’s been a lot of fun in the process.

A number of interesting things have been going on in the CloudStack world. The biggest news has been that we recently moved all of CloudStack’s proprietary code to the GPLv3+. The things we had historically kept in proprietary include:

  • VMware support
  • OracleVM support
  • Support for managing physical network hardware (i.e. Juniper firewalls, F5 Loadbalancers, etc)
  • Support for managing external storage devices (i.e. NetApp filers)
  • Baremetal support (this manages physical hosts via IPMI within CloudStack with the idea of handling workloads that are better handled by physical hardware as opposed to virtual machines, Baremetal supports dynamically powering machines on, provisioning OS and software and when done, powering the machine off)

CloudStack has undergone a lot of change in itself. For instance, some of our users were running into performance issues when they hit several thousand physical compute nodes.  A lot of performance tuning later, we have CloudStack able to scale to managing 20,000 physical compute nodes. That’s an awfully big cloud-in-a-closet.

On a slightly related note, I am headed later today to the Mil-OSS conference in Atlanta, which should be fun, I’ve heard great things about the conference, but never had a chance to attend, so I am pretty excited.


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