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FUDcon day 2 and 3


Saturday at FUDcon began with BarCamp pitches, followed by the BarCamp sessions themselves along with the workshop sessions running in parallel. Lots of awesome content made decisions on what to attend difficult. There seemed to be a ton of cloud-related stuff going on, and most of which concentrated in a single room. I pitched and was able to give a session about CloudStack – and in particular on getting it into Fedora. As evening (and FUDpub) approached things started to wind down.

FUDpub’s venue was quite nice, with TVs (for those wishing to watch the game) multiple bowling lanes, and plenty of pool tables. Plenty of food to be had. And much fun abounded.

Sunday had a slower start for me, with an early non-Fedora meeting taking place, but once  I made it over to McBryde hall there were very clearly still lots of work taking place. As normally happens on the last day of FUDcon – the crowd started thinning out after mid-day. The board had a massive session that lasted about 3 hours, and covered both business and some discussion around monies and intra-project collaboration.And thus this FUDcon drew to a close for me.

I personally find that FUDcon is great for ‘recharging’ my interest in and commitment to Fedora, and getting to meet folks I’ve previously only dealt with via IRC or mailing lists helps build relationships.

Thanks to Ben, Cathy, and Jamie for doing the tons of work necessary for pulling off a FUDcon, and to Virginia Tech for hosting us.