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Board member goals


I posted this to the advisory-board list, but want to have this here for additional visibility

Here is what I am passionate about working on in Fedora:

The cloud.

I apologize for using a buzzword in a serious task, but I see cloud-y things becoming far more important in the free software landscape and in technology in general. In many ways it parallels the goals (albeit in different ways) free software aspires to in empowering a user, by offering on-demand self-service access to resources. I also fear what happens if free software doesn’t continue to play a leading role here, and particularly if Fedora doesn’t continue to participate.

Thusly, my goals are:
* Ensure that the major IaaS providers make Fedora available as a deployable option.
* Ensure that the major open source IaaS and PaaS platforms are packaged and available in Fedora.
* Ensure that the surrounding ecosystem is also available in Fedora, be it the API abstraction tools like jclouds and fog, or provisioning tools like puppet cloud provisioner, knife, and Boxgrinder are in Fedora and available for people to use Fedora in cloud-building activities.

In addition to this main goal I have a couple goals regarding the governance within Fedora:

* Make sure the board remains responsive and accountable – often times people are hindered from getting things done by our slow response – and I hope a more fervent attention to trac and those pressing matters makes us more responsible and accountable.

As a corollary to that I have the following goal:

* Make sure the board stays out of micromanaging those who are doing work within Fedora. I firmly believe that the government that governs least governs best, and while I don’t want a disengaged board, I do want a board that doesn’t have to bless or anoint every action within Fedora. Fedora is a community of doers, and with a few special exceptions (trademark and other legals areas jump to mind) they should always feel empowered to get things done, and not need excessive amounts of permission.