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CloudStack, FOSDEM, and other uncategorized things


I haven’t done a great job blogging since FUDcon, so this omnibus blog post should hopefully get things up to date at least.

First, I am in Brussels for FOSDEM this weekend. I know there are tons of Fedora friends in EMEA that I have only corresponded with via IRC and email, so if you are FOSDEM, I hope to meet you in person.

Of course FOSDEM is later this week, and I traveled to Brussels yesterday – and not just so I can be a tourist. Kris Buytaert (of DevOps, and Everything is a Freaking DNS problem fame) is helping CloudStack host a Build an Open Source Cloud – Day in Antwerp on Friday, the day before FOSDEM starts. We have folks speaking from Puppetlabs, Xen, Zenoss, and of course CloudStack) There are still a few seats available, so if you are around, feel free to join us.

I’ve been incredibly busy with a number of things in CloudStack-world – we are drawing closer and closer to our 3.0 release, and just kicked out our 3rd beta release – (see the announcement here). This release is pretty transformative – a completely reworked UI that is simply gorgeous, and appears a lot more intuitive. Additionally we added a ton of security enhancements, provide for storing templates and snapshots in object storage (things like Swift, GlusterFS, and Caringo), dramatically increased our Networking-as-a-Service offerings, VM Storage migration (we already support live migration within a cluster of hypervisors, but this allows us to escape the cluster level and move VMs to different storage pools. I am getting pretty excited about this.

At the same time, Eric Christensen have been working on getting the final pieces of CloudStack packaging done for Fedora- and hope to have this done in the next week or so.

Lots of other things going on- but I just realized it’s 3:12am here – so I suppose I’ll stop writing and get some sleep before it’s time to eat breakfast.