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New features for the upcoming Apache CloudStack (incubating) 4.0 release


CloudStack is actively working towards its first release at the Apache Software Foundation. While much of the work has been getting the tree into shape from a licensing and guideline perspective, many enterprising folks were also working on new features and functionality. Someone recently asked on list what the features were for the upcoming release – 4 people have answered and have different answers, so I figured it was time to aggregate all of that and get it into an easily consumable format  (my blog). All of these features have been discussed on the development mailing list, but cloudstack-dev tends to be a somewhat heavy volume mailing list, so it’s easy to miss things.

I will add one caveat – there may be things that I am missing, and I reserve the right to update the post.

I honestly didn’t expect this level of new features for the first release, even my initial recounting of features was 1/2 the size of this list, so it seems it will be a feature-packed release.

That said, we are closing in on a release, and would love to welcome any testing or review. You can find some early test source builds at:


You can get binaries to begin testing here: