Even more transitions – github

CloudStack has maintained some sort of presence on github for some. In its earliest days this was merely a mirror of the primary git server at cloud.com. Gradually more and more code made its way to the github account, including code for the knife-cloudstack plugin, and a number of other interesting tools. Back in April CloudStack joined the ASF’s Incubator, and thus lots of resources need to transition to the ASF’s infrastructure. The existence of a CloudStack github account, particularly with a repo for the original CloudStack code also created some confusion as to where one was to get the canonical source for CloudStack code. Today that github account name has changed  from CloudStack to CloudStack-extras (in the spirit of apache-extras.) – and there are disclaimers and pointers to the new home of the project. The original copy of the CloudStack codebase remains. (It’s important to realize that CloudStack was originally GPL, and thus keeping the source available remains a responsibility, which is further complicated since only the two latest of the 195 branches were moved to the ASF.)

Additionally the primary server that used to house CloudStack code (git.cloud.com) has been retired.

The canonical source code repo for CloudStack is (and has been for sometime):

Of course we aren’t done migrating all of the resources, more of that coming soon.


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