Getting ready for the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe

I’ve been in Amsterdam two days thus far in preparation for the CloudStack Collaboration Conference. I had planned to come in and show up at the the Schuberg Philis offices, and help with getting things ready for the conference. There hasn’t been a lot for me to do though, I looked at some shiny demo racks, I helped load a monitor, and that’s about it. The folks at SBP are really very squared away in terms of conference preparation and are doing very well.

This has given me time to focus on recovering from jet lag, and getting to spend time talking with folks. I also have already started meeting folks I only know via email. Some of the pre-conference discussions are intriguing. But this is all pre-conference – tomorrow things actually start – and they start with a hackathon. The proposed hacking sessions actually leave me with multiple things that I want to work on. Top of mind is:

  • Docs – fixing 4.2.1 release notes and working on 4.3 and beyond.
  • Gluster – getting CloudStack to consume GlusterFS natively.
  • KVM Agent refactoring

We also have the space til late in the night, so this won’t be a hack for a few hours and then disappear, we can keep working well into the evening.

One of the things that I didn’t like about our last in-person hackfest, was the lack of a feedback cycle. So I want to try and encourage folks holding the hackfest sessions to report what they worked on and what actually got accomplished at least to the mailing list, but hopefully also to a blog.

Should be a fun day.

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